Welcome to my personal website!

Feel free to scroll down and read posts on my blog on this site. This website is just made for you, because I guess you visit this site to get more information about me?


I spend a big part of my time at school learning and studying for my final exam next year. I attend the German Gymnasium, what’s probably the equivalent to a Highschool.

After finishing school and reaching the Abitur I want to start a dual study in Computer Science.

My favorite subjects are Computer Science, Maths, Physics and Politics / Economics.


Another big part of my time is used for programming. Programming for Android, Web or anything else that is programmable.

I created lots of apps and published them on Google Play as well as participating in other’s projects like a music player app for Spotify.

My skills are definitely in the Android section. I code using the languages Java and Kotlin. PHP, HTML and JavaScript is used for web development.


I like writing and telling stories, that might be interesting for others. My stories are about things in the Android world next to personal opinions and experiences.

I own a couple of websites myself, but I also participate(d) on other blogs and websites.

The languages I use for Blogging are mainly German but also much English.


I don’t only have a German blog called einGeek (translated: a geek), I am a geek.

I got in contact with computers already during my first years in elementary school. My parents gave me an old computer and since then I can’t imagine my life without electronic devices.

The ultimate prove for my geekness is that I’m wearing a smartwatch, also smartwatches aren’t that popular yet (and there’s not much hope). But I love trying new gadgets also they might be not very useful.

If you ask me questions about Android and tech, I could talk hours and hours about it.